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Discipleship Project


I need your help! Please join me in exploring what’s involved in the formation of intentional disciples today.

Wherever I go these days, it seems the conversation inevitably turns to the perceived crisis in discipleship and formation within American Christianity. As a Christian who cares deeply about the formation of intentional disciples, as a theologian who has been studying matters related to discipleship for more than 20 years, and as a professor responsible for teaching discipleship and formation, I have both experience and ideas about what it takes to cultivate faithful disciples…

…and yet I long to better understand what it takes to form engaged, faithful disciples today by learning from those who are actively on the ground, people like you who are trying to live faithfully as disciples and who are committed to nurturing ministries in which intentional disciples are formed and sent out into the world.

Throughout this discipleship project, I want to learn from ministry practitioners in the North American context:

  • how you understand discipleship
  • what is going well in your ministries when it comes to discipleship and formation
  • what is challenging in your ministries today
  • what kinds of things you have tried to encourage the formation of disciples
  • what resources you use to help you think about discipleship and formation
  • what kinds of resources or opportunities might be helpful to you

I also want to be in ongoing conversation with you as we explore the nature of discipleship and the challenges we are facing today. If you sign up here:

You’ll be invited to participate in a survey to help me understand your approach to discipleship and the challenges & opportunities you see.

  • After you fill out the survey, you can decide whether to participate in an 8-week “unit” this fall. (Our summer unit is already underway!)
  • During this 8-week unit, I’ll send you a video every two weeks related to my research. I’ll then ask you to give me feedback through a short survey. You’ll also be invited to participate in an optional Zoom call to give further feedback and have shared conversation with other practitioners around the topic.

I’ll be in touch in a few months with more information and next steps for the Discipleship Project.

Ready to join me? Sign up for the Discipleship Project below.

(If you have any trouble signing up, please email

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